Category: Rev
Points: 10
Description: Many of our problems will require you to run Linux executable files (ELFs). This problem will help you figure out how to do it on our shell server. Use your credentials to log in, then navigate to /problems/2019/intro_to_rev. Run the executable and follow its instructions to get a flag!

Really self explanatory, naviagate to the directory, execute the file. It will give the following output:

Welcome to your first reversing challenge!

If you are seeing this, then you already ran the file! Let's try some input next.
Enter the word 'angstrom' to continue:
Good job! Some programs might also want you to enter information with a command line argument.

When you run a file, command line arguments are given by running './introToRev argument1 argument2' where you replace each argument with a desired string.

To get the flag for this problem, run this file again with the arguments 'binary' and 'reversing' (don't put the quotes).

Then running the binary again with those arguments prints the flag



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